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Cable size: Smaleer size with low purchasing cost, All dielectric structure and less weight matches well for aerial cable


  • 1. Product Description

    This specification covers the general requirements and performance of cable, which OPT offered including optical characteristics, mechanical characteristics and geometrical characteristics and etc.

  • 2. Optical Fiber

    Optical fiber characteristics (FPC G.652D FIBER)

    Category Description Specifications
    Optical Specifications Attenuation @1310nm ≤0.40dB/km
    Optical Specifications Attenuation @1550nm ≤0.30dB/km
    Optical Specifications Attenuation discontinuity ≤0.05 dB
    Optical Specifications Attenuation vs. Wavelength @1285~1330nm ≤0.05 dB/km
    Optical Specifications Attenuation vs. Wavelength @1525~1575nm ≤0.05 dB/km
    Optical Specifications Zero Dispersion Wavelength 1300~1324nm
    Optical Specifications Zero Dispersion Slope ≤0.092ps/(
    Optical Specifications Dispersion @1310nm ≤3.5 ps/
    Optical Specifications Dispersion @1550nm ≤18 ps/
    Optical Specifications Polarization Mode Dispersion(PMD) ≤0.2ps/km1/2
    Optical Specifications Cable Cutoff Wavelength(λcc) ≤1260nm
    Optical Specifications Effective Group Index of Refraction @1310nm 1.4675
    Optical Specifications Effective Group Index of [email protected] 1.4681
    Geometric Specifications Mode Field Diameter @1310nm 9.2±0.4μm
    Geometric Specifications Mode Field Diameter  @1550nm 10.4±0.8μm
    Geometric Specifications Cladding Diameter 125±1μm
    Geometric Specifications Cladding Non-Circularity ≤1.0%
    Geometric Specifications Coating Diameter 243±7μm
    Geometric Specifications Coating/Cladding Concentricity Error ≤12μm
    Geometric Specifications Core/Cladding Concentricity Error ≤0.8μm
    Mechanical Specifications Proof Test level ≥1.0%
    Mechanical Specifications Fiber Curl Radius ≥4.0m
    Mechanical Specifications Peak Coating Strip Force 1.3~8.9N


  • 3. Optical Cable

    1.Construction of cable

    Cable type 1-12 1-12
    Span m 80 120
    element 3 3
    Strength Member Material Fiberglass Reinforce with Plastic (FRP) Fiberglass Reinforce with Plastic (FRP)
    Strength Member Diameter Nom.2.0mm Nom.2.5mm
    Strength Member Number 2 2
    Loose Tube Material Polybutelene Terephthalate (PBT) Polybutelene Terephthalate (PBT)
    Loose Tube Diameter Nom.2.1 mm Nom.2.5
    Filling compound in loose tube Material Thixotropic jelly Thixotropic jelly
    Water blocking Material Water blocking yarn Water blocking yarn
    Outer Sheath Material Black HDPE Black HDPE
    Outer Sheath Thickness Nom.1.0mm Nom.1.0mm
    Outer Diameter mm Nom.6.8 Nom.8.0
    Cable Weight kg/km Approx.44 Approx.62
    Short term tensile N 850 1250

    3.2 Fiber coding

    The color coding of the optical fiber shall be in accordance with Table 3.2.1

    No. of fiber 1 2 3 4 5 6
    Color of fiber green yellow white blue red violet
    No. of fiber 7 8 9 10 11 12
    Color of fiber brown pink black gray orange aqua

    Table3.2.2:Identification of optical tube

    No. of tube 1
    Color of tube Blue

    Table3.2.3:Make-up of cable, No. of Fibers in each Tube

    No.of Fibers No.of Tube 1 2 3
    6 1 Tube color Blue FRP FRP
    6 1 No. of fiber 6 FRP FRP
    12 1 Tube color Blue FRP FRP
    12 1 No. of fiber 12 FRP FRP


  • 4. Test Requirements

    No Item Test standard Method Acceptance criteria
    1 Tensile test IEC-60794- 1-E1 -Max. Tensile strength

    -Sample length:50 meters

    -Time: 10minutes;

    -Attenuation increase≤0.10dB
    2 Crush test IEC-60794- 1-E3 -Load:500N

    -Time: 5minutes

    -Length: 100mm

    – Position: One point and one time

    -No splits or cracks in the outer jacket;

    -Attenuation increase<0.10dB

    3 Impact test IEC-60794- 1-E4 -Impact energy: 200g

    – Height:1 meter

    -Impact points: 1

    -Number of impacts: 5

    -No splits or cracks in the outer jacket

    -Attenuation increase≤0.10dB(after the test)

    4 Torsion test IEC-60794- 1-E7 -1m cable length with 150N weight

    -±180°, 10 cycles

    – No splits or cracks in the outer jacket

    -Attenuation increase ≤0.10dB(after the test)

    5 Repeated bending IEC-60794- 1-E6 -Radius=25×cable outer diameter

    -1m cable length with 150N weight,25 cycles

    – No splits or cracks in the outer jacket

    -Attenuation increase ≤0.10dB(after the test)

    6 6 Temperature cycling test IEC-60794- 1-F1 -Temperature step: +20 ℃ →- 40 ℃ →+60 ℃ →-40℃→+60℃→+20℃

    -Time per each step: 12 hrs – Number of cycles: 2 cycles

    -Attenuation variation for reference value(the attenuation to be measured before test at +20±3℃) ≤0.10dB/km,
    7 Cable bending test IEC 60794- 1-E11B -Diameter of mandrel :25×diameter of cable – Number of cycles:1 cycle Change of attenuation shall not be greater than 0.1dB.No fiber break and no cable damage.
    8 Water penetration test IEC-60794- 1-F5 -Water height: 1m -Sample length:3m -Duration of test: 24hrs No water leakage at the end of the sample
    9 Drip test IEC-60794- 1-E14 -Five 0.3m samples suspended vertically in a climate chamber, raised temperature to +70℃ -No filling compound shall drip from tubes after 24 hr


  • 5.Packing and Drump

    1.The cable is wound on a non-returnable wooden drum. Both ends of cable are securely fastened to drum and sealed with a shrinkable cap to prevent ingress of moisture. The following information shall be marked on the outer sheath of the cable at an interval of about 1 meter.

    – Cable type and number of optical fiber

    – Manufacturer name

    – Month and Year of Manufacture

    – Cable length The sequential number of the cable length shall be marked on the outer sheath of the cable at an interval of 1meter ± 1%.

    5.2 Drum marking, Each side of every wooden drum shall be permanently marked in a minimum of 2.5~3 cm high lettering with following:

    – Manufacture name and logo

    – Cable length

    – Cable type and number of fibers

    – Roll way

    – Gross and net weight


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